10 tips for having good content on your Health and Safety or OHS blog

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Blogs, as the good communication tools that they are, are becoming evident and present in companies dedicated to the world of prevention and in business in general. But are they used correctly? Do they provide good quality content? There is no need to repeat that the content of corporate Blogs is what makes them strong and long-lived, and if we take a look throughout the Internet, sometimes OHS companies fall into the trap of repeatedly blowing their own trumpet and other defects that in this article we will try to make them   avoidable risks   with these tips:

– Actually this platform is like a map that has   a destination   within an ocean,   an objective to conquer. A Blog without a target and a clear purpose, sails adrift, and is doomed to shipwreck. The blogs of OHS companies that publish articles without a common thread, medium or short term begin to squawk. They should aim to write like chapters in a book with a clear plot line.

– The constant   self-promotion is very unattractive: Today we participated in this conference; we are showing a new product there, look at this award we have given, and this month we work with pascual …. Make no mistake. What the reader of a OHS blog wants is information and good opinions, and little brand advertising from the author. This is what social networks are for. Generating useful, illustrative items that contribute fresh concepts and that achieve virality and debate among readers, must be its strength. To learn what succeeds we must seek help from Google Analytics and it statistics friends.

“Bread is bread, and OHS, OHS”. Avoid synonyms and baroque adjectives. If my article talks about   machine safety, than the word “machine” and the word “security” must be present, without constantly resorting to gimmicky synonyms and other camouflage. Remember that as OHS technicians and professionals, we  are practical people and we search in Google for the easy way, without the dictionary in our hand.

– Please,   writes articles for OHS professionals or people related to the world of safety and health, and forget about what Google will think about my content. Positioning oneself is fine, but your blog will gain position if the best visit it, many, and often.

– Always   accompany the text of the article with pictures or video (media). If you talk about gamification in OHS, as the trailer of a truck game, you talk about   twitter   in POS, then do not miss the logo. Do not forget the legend of the image you attach, and naming it correctly …… which makes it easier to find and finding the article that accompanies it.

May your posts be sociable and outgoing! Make it easy for your readers to share what you write on your social networks, once they have read it. The   icons   at the end of the post must be there and work properly. Remember that social networks have become the   sales representatives in your Safety and Health Blog  .

–   Give me a title and I will give you my love. The title of our post is essential for attracting readers to our article, whenever you accompany a text that gives them the honour. 5 tips to ….: Guide to achieve …..; 6 steps to get …

– Here in Spain, the terms “OHS” or “Occupational Hazards” work, but not so much outside of Spain. Remember that to  internationalize your content   you must use concepts such as “Safety and Health” or SSL or SST. Some English translations of some of your most successful items can open you to international followers.

–   If you measure, you will know what people like. Track your visitors, the items that receive more visits, the ones that are shared the most on the Internet, and there you will have the philosopher’s stone of the contents of your OHS blog. We also do not want to repeat over and over again the same material.

– There are some OHS blogs that have begun to   promptly consult their readers in social networking of their content preferences, and based on the answers produce articles about it (for example: Would you like that in future articles in our Blog we delve into the use of   Robots   to prevent accidents?). A good way to attract and retain consumers is by involving our product (our reader). Remember that if the one who reads, chooses and generates content, they become more and more faithful readers. Another option is that if the external services own employees or consulting are generating the content, you are at least managing to increase readers and followers in house (and their immediate families).


Do not forget that posting content on our blog  is not scary (quite the contrary) if we do it with common sense and respect. If there are defects in our content it is not a cataclysm, since we still have a future post where we will have the option of improving. Eventually, with persistence and perseverance, if the blog is good, readers will choose us.


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