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Do you know the different CSR standards?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined in ISO 26000 as the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities caused in society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour that: Contributes to sustainable development, including the health and welfare of society; takes into consideration the expectations of its stakeholders; complies
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Smart Stress Project. A macro study of best practices in psychosocial risks management.

There are many studies related to psychosocial risks, but most of them are based on the detection and assessment of these risks and very few go further into the world of preventive measures and much less so into their effectiveness. On many occasions, we find that the assessment of psychosocial risks has no continuity and no
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May mouse be about to die?.

The mouse is that pointing device used to make easier work with a graphic environment in a computer. Despite that was designed 45 years ago by scientists of the University of Stanford and although its intensive utilisation uses to cause diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, it continues being nowadays an indispensable device to work
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Prevention: a profitable investment?

A couple of months ago the prestigious magazine Equipos & Talento published a special on risk prevention entitled “Prevention: a profitable investment” in which I was fortunate to participate. Here you have the full interview with some responses to the article that were extracted: Is the prevention of occupational hazards affecting the economic situation? In
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New application for fire tests

The company URSA (Uralita group), has launched a mobile application to obtain data from thermal insulation, acoustics and fire tests. Specifically, the application can perform the following query or calculation activities: Thermal insulation: calculation of coefficient U heat transfer. Sound insulation: Acoustic test database. Fire tests: database for testing the fire resistance of different solutions with
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The MacGyvers of Prevention II

In a previous post I talked about the MacGyvers of prevention, a post inspired by the inventions of television’s MacGyver, who was able to build a small engine with a piece of spearmint gum and a pencil.  At that time, we saw many of his students judging by the clever resources applied to health and
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Want you to know with which mood do they promote risk prevention in Denmark?

Under the slogan “There are another ways to avoid accidents“, the Danish GodtArbeide launched this hilarious campaign for occupational Safety and Health awareness. At construction sites:   At hospital:   At office:   The International Occupational Environment Research Centre in Denmark uses also a good mood to its information campaign:   What do you think
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Do you know what a perfect curriculum vitae of risk prevention specialists must include?

Nowadays, it is paramount to apply a good image to your curriculum vitae, and an innovative design is always useful: But perhaps the perfect CV may be something like this more or less:   Indeed, the perfect curriculum vitae for professionals of communication.But what about a risk prevention specialist?. I will tell you what we think the
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Want you to know how Occupational Safety and Health is promoted in Singapore?

“The could be you” is the name of the last campaign for Occupational Safety and Health promoted in Singapore by the Workplace Safety and Health Council.   It touches a nerve, isn´t it?. Do you know any interesting international campaign? Do you want to improve your communication in health and safety at work?. Contact us.
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4 stunning campaigns about the need to fasten the seat belt

“Fastening the seatbelt saves life” is a probed and known by everybody fact. Even more, it is considered the most effective passive safety system ever invented, including airbag, malleable bodywork or any other today´s technical advance. However, it is paramount to fasten the seatbelt properly, as shown in this advertisement from FORD Motor Company:  
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Do you dare to make a scaffolding assembly in these conditions?

Days ago, while I was walking to the office in Barcelona, I found this stunning scaffolding assembly: A team of workers were assembling a metallic scaffold in these unfortunate conditions. A priori, I found the following faults: No life line. Workers walk over the platform without any protection, with obvious risk of falling.  Inadequate work
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Want you to know how is safety and health promoted in Argentina?

Within the Action Plan for Argentinian Occupational Safety and Health 2011-2015 Approach, the Superintendence for Risks at Work (SRT) of the republic began a massive campaign in order to improve the preventive culture growth. Spot 1: Spot 2: Spot 3: Spot 4: Taking into account the high level of Argentinian commercials, we think this is not
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