An index of sources to be well informed on safety health and environment

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One of the greatest contributions of the Internet is that provides direct access to information sources regarding specific matters. We can take official information and draw our own conclusions without the bias of traditional media, intermediaries to which we had to go when searching for certain content.

Web pages and profiles in social networks are the main services in the Internet. Latest, for the fast and massive access they provide. The firsts ones, for the quality of the published content. Making a comparison, to consult the social networks (Twitter, Facebook,…) is like placing in front a newsstand and check the headlines in a diagonal reading. Entering a webpage is like purchasing the magazine we are interested in and read its content exhaustively.


This is an index of most relevant Internet sites, in my opinion, about safety health and environment.

Sites with mandatory content and regular check.

Reference sites, but not legally binding (in the European Union).

Despite that its content is not mandatory (in EU), there are international renowned organisations of which you´ll get a global point of view and know what is being done around the world:

Interesting profiles to follow in social networks.

  • Twitter account “The Keeling Curve” provides a daily CO2 level measured at Maula Loa observatory (Hawaii), considered the global reference value for its location. Las month of may the level reached the maximum value in history: 400ppm.
  • Besides the content itself that they spread, which can be also found in each european administration (above), there are 3 european responsible who are an example transparent attitude and close to the citizenship through their Twitter accounts. These are: László Andor (Employment, social affairs and inclusion),  Connie Hedegaard (climate change) y Janez Potocnik (environment).

 International organisations for specific consultation.

  • Despite it´s not usual, great changes or global troubles lead to international entities. One of the latests cases was the horse meat fraud. When this kind of issues arise, superior organisations such as International Labour Organisation or World Health Organisation are the more solvent source for information.

Do you have any other source to share with all of us?.


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